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Green Sukabhumi

The Green Sukabhumi stone and its unique properties are becoming a much sought after option for architects, builders and designers who are looking to create a memorable mark on their structures.

It is found only in Indonesia and that simple fact makes it a rare natural stone from which you can take a part of Indonesia right into your building.

The delightful green hues of the Green Sukabhumi stone makes it highly preferred for swimming pools and water related buildings. But even more than that, it contains water purifying properties. Green Sukabhumi contains zeolites, minerals that are highly effective in reducing levels of ammonium in water. Zeolites also absorb heavy metals that can build up in pools, such as calcium, magnesium and phosphates. This makes Green Sukabhumi a great choice for outdoor pool areas that will remain cleaner for longer.

It also has anti-slip properties that make it ideal for use in indoor bathrooms. It can be cut into honed tiles on the base or walls of showers, for example.  

Indonesian Green Sukabhumi for Swimming Pools
Each sq/ft installation price = 850/=
Installation charges inclusive of Machinery , Stones , labour and material adhesives with installation
 Variation of stone colours and surface of the stones are natural from nature.